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Re: Porting xtl to DEC Alpha

First of all, I want to apologize for not answering email for some
time. I've been very busy for a couple of weeks and in the last
few days on travel. During next week I'm having a vacation and
when I'm back I'll take the time to incorporate all patches and issue
a new version.

Allan Rae wrote:
> Actually, I have incorporated xtl-1.3.pl.4 into LyX (the "rae" branch
> anyway) in the last couple of days mainly to satisfy Lars' desire to
> minimize the number of extra packages and libraries that need to be
> downloaded to build LyX.  Only a mini-distribution though:
>         lyx/src/xtl = xtl-1.3.pl.4/include/xtl + COPYING.LIB + README
> I've also added a few lines to the start of README to encourage people to
> get the full xtl distribution so they can have the documentation and
> regression tests as well.  Josť is this alright with you?

Sure. My only request is thak we make an effort to keep the versions

> I have also
> been thinking about converting your documentation to LyX -- I got started
> but found a couple of things needed attention that reLyX wasn't able to
> handle properly and never got back to it -- is this of interest to you
> Josť?

Hmmm... I really prefer to edit LaTeX directly :-) and think that plain
LaTeX is better for distribution. But I would certainly not opose to changes
to that make it "reLyX friendly".

> So Angus, the headers in LyX already have the latest patch applied to them
> if you want to just use those.  Which is what I was meaning when I
> mentioned the pl.4-patch the other day.  Sorry for any confusion.

Besides sending it to the list, I should have added it right away to
the XTL page. It is there now.

Jose Orlando Pereira
* mailto:jop@di.uminho.pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop *