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Re: Porting xtl to DEC Alpha

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Angus Leeming wrote:

> I've been modifying the version of xtl that is publicly available on your web
> site (xtl-1.3.tar.gz). Allan Rae, (who is attempting to use xtl in LyX),
> suggests that I work from 1.3.pl.4 and that, therefore I should ask you for
> this patch. I'll then send the resultant patch back to you (when it all works
> cleanly!).

Actually, I have incorporated xtl-1.3.pl.4 into LyX (the "rae" branch
anyway) in the last couple of days mainly to satisfy Lars' desire to
minimize the number of extra packages and libraries that need to be
downloaded to build LyX.  Only a mini-distribution though:

	lyx/src/xtl = xtl-1.3.pl.4/include/xtl + COPYING.LIB + README

I've also added a few lines to the start of README to encourage people to
get the full xtl distribution so they can have the documentation and
regression tests as well.  Josť is this alright with you?  I have also
been thinking about converting your documentation to LyX -- I got started
but found a couple of things needed attention that reLyX wasn't able to
handle properly and never got back to it -- is this of interest to you

I also plan on adding an extra file in the root of the LyX source tree
pointing out the copyright status of the included packages (libsigc++,
xtl, reLyX).

So Angus, the headers in LyX already have the latest patch applied to them
if you want to just use those.  Which is what I was meaning when I
mentioned the pl.4-patch the other day.  Sorry for any confusion.

Allan. (ARRae)