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XTL patch

The following patch is against xtl-1.3.pl.4 and contains modifications to the
code in directory xtl-1.3/include/xtl/ ONLY.

It allows compilation of xtl on DEC Alpha machines running either Linux Alpha
or Tru64 unix.

It has been tested using the xtl example codes in xtl-1.3/examples/tests using
both gcc and DEC cxx:

gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)
DIGITAL C++ V6.1-029 on DIGITAL UNIX V4.0 (Rev. 1091)

All three codes "raw", "xdr" and "giop" compile with either compiler.

Running "raw" returns PASSED but an enourmous number of "unaligned access errors".
Running "xdr" returns PASSED and NO errors.
Running "giop" returns Failed and an enourmous number of "unaligned access errors".
I haven't attempted to do anything to giop.h at all.

The attached tar file contains two files: patch and md.h

md.h is meant to be a drop in replacement for xtl-1.3/include/xtl/byteswap.h.
Please remove byteswap.h.

Please test to check that the code still runs on Intel machines!

Best wishes,

ps. I'll continue to attempt to address the problems in text.h (snprintf) and in