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Re: XTL patch

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Angus Leeming wrote:
> Running "raw" returns PASSED but an enourmous number of "unaligned access errors".
> Running "xdr" returns PASSED and NO errors.
> Running "giop" returns Failed and an enourmous number of "unaligned access errors".
> I haven't attempted to do anything to giop.h at all.

Congratulations.  You seem to be making great progress with this.  I might
have some work for you in that case -- I've been writing an
auto_mem_buffer which manages the memory of the buffer and adds more when
needed (writing only -- a short buffer still throws an exception when
reading).  It almost works.  Well actually it does work but I think
there's either a problem with how std::string is implemented or how xtl
fills in a string that's been read.  Either way it crashes lyx
consistently when using SGI's STL or every couple of uses with lyxstring.

It's a bugger to pin down, although I suspect Josť's FIXME note in
simple(std::string) might have something to do with it.  I think I better
try without optimisation and see if that makes it any easier to track

> The attached tar file contains two files: patch and md.h

Rather than tar files I'd recommend using the recursive capabilities of
diff to compare two trees.  Something like:
	diff -u -r -p orig/ new/

I usually use a tool from the old lyx repository called makepatch.  It's
in lyx/development/tools/makepatch.  It includes a list of files it should
ignore which is very handy for doing up patches without cleaning both
directory trees first.

Of course if your diff tool isn't capable of doing Unified diffs you can
use the -C option instead for context or better yet install the gnu diff
tool in /usr/local.

A single patch file is a lot easier to work with than a tar full of

Happy Easter,
Allan. (ARRae)

P.S.  Gosh,  between Asger, Angus and me XTL is now almost a subproject of
      LyX ;-)