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As promised, I got XTL to run on the SGI machine, compiled both as a 32-bit
binary and as a 64-bit one.

No problems at all.
unaligned access errors lead to core dumps on this machine. raw core dumps,
giop and xdr are fine.

The attached patch contains 1 small fix in include/config.h
The remainder of the patch contains small changes in the examples directories.

I have included patches to the examples/tests and examples/smart dirs (Sorry
about that. My makepatch script carefully omitted them last time!)

Most of the patch concerns the Makefiles. They now all have up to date
dependencies and they all get the compiler information from a single file,
Makefile.common, in the examples directory.

Best wishes,

Incidentally, the compiler I used:
aleem> CC -version
MIPSpro Compilers: Version