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XTL 1.3.pl.9


This version integrates the latest patches by Angus Leeming.
Unfortunately, I had to undo some of them because they would
bump into some known bugs both in VC++ and g++. Namely:
 - bswap_XX in i386 must not be used in methods, it works only
   in top level functions (*ahem*);
 - there are problems with static const xxx = yyy, we must use
   old style defines.

There was also a quirk with output_raw in GIOP. I guess I'll have
to look it up in the standard but as it stood it was definitly wrong
(grep for FIXME in giop.h for explanation).

I have also merged config.h and md.h. If we decide to use 
an automatic configuration mechanism like autoconf they will
be both generated, so it makes sense to keep them together.

Anyhow, the code should now work in:
 i386 - Linux g++ (1.1.2 and 2.95.2) and Windows VC++
 alpha - Linux g++ (?), Digital Unix (or whatever it is called
         these days) DEC cpp and g++ (2.95.2)
 mips - SGI (really?)

I have also taken some time to properly annotate each file with
the respective copyright holders name. If you have contributed, look
at them. I _really_ want everybody to be happy with this. The rationale
is having separate (C) notices for the library as a whole (which
is the traditional one) and for each file, which lists contributions
in decreasing order of relevance. The README file now includes
detailed info about contributors, by historical order. Send me
yours for inclusion.

This will hopefully become the next stable version. All I need is
to update documentation and have confirmation that it still works
with all compilers/architectures. I guess I'll also advertise this
on freasmeat for broader audience.

The patch is at the web site, as it is now getting quite big.

Jose Orlando Pereira
* mailto:jop@di.uminho.pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop *