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Re: Patch

Angus Leeming wrote:
> The attached tar file contains re-worked xdr.h and giop.h and a patch of all
> the other little changes that I've made. The patch is against xtl-1.3.pl.8.

Nice work! I'll integrate them now.
> Note 2
> =====
> All code, except examples/auto compiles with both DEC cxx and gcc-2.95.2.
> examples/auto triggers an internal compiler bug in gcc.

I'll try to isolate the problem for submission to g++ people.

> All code compiles without warnings, except for DEC cxx's declaration that long
> long is not standard. rpcgen also has warnings. See earlier post.

We probably shouldn't care a lot with the rpcgen example, as it was there
only to as a comparative benchmark.

> Note 3
> =====
> The "quick hack" in md.h was incorrect. I've replaced it with my own that does
> work!

Oops, that should teach me not to write code while packing for holidays! :-)
> Note 4
> =====
> I've created a new method in generic_format::reset_buffer()
>         void reset_buffer() {
>                 buffer.rewind();
>                 output_start();
>         }
> (and similarly in v_format)
> This is used in examples/bench/xtl and examples/bench/vxtl, replacing
>         mb.rewind()
> with
>         gf.reset_buffer()
> etc.
> I've done this because mb.rewind() loses the byte order and alignment
> information in GIOP_format.

It makes sense.
> Note 5
> =====
> I've modified alltests.h to make it a harder test for alignment.

> Note 6
> =====
> In the copyright notice at the start of each file, shouldn't the web address:
>         jop@di.uminho.pt - http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop
> be
>         jop@di.uminho.pt - http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/jop
> ?

They're both valid and I prefer to advertise the first as it is the
one that will probably remain valid in the long run.

> Benchmark results
> ==============
> Note the times for raw!!!!

I see. Alignment faults are expensive! In Intel this should not happen.

Jose Orlando Pereira
* mailto:jop@di.uminho.pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop *