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Maybe XTL could be submitted for Boost?

Hi XTL-list,

I think XTL is such a great thing that it's a shame if it's dying a
silent death. How about submitting XTL for inclusion into Boost?

Boost is an organization which provides free, peer-reviewed, C++
libraries. The emphasis is on portable libraries which work well with
the C++ Standard Library. If a library is included into Boost, there is
a chance that it will be submitted for inclusion into the standard
library in a future version of C++.

When a library is submitted for Boost integration, the interface is
throughly reviewed by skilled C++ experts. If deemed appropriate for
inclusion, the submitter is asked to adapt the library to boost coding
"rules", and incorporate the suggestions from the review. Then it is
integrated into the Boost cvs repository.
Then the library will often be ported to all important platforms if
technically possible by a horde of enthuisiastic volunteers, and since
the code is available in cvs, it will benefit from the "open source

Normally, the entire process takes about 2-3 weeks, where the first
phase is mostly mail related, while the second phase is coding and
documentation work.

See http://www.boost.org for more information.

I think XTL has a fair chance of getting included into Boost with only a
few adjustments, now that XTL is (mostly?) 64-bit clean. This could
prove to be a great way of spreading the word and increasing the user
base, and thus extend the lifetime of the library.

So, of course, a submission requires a serious effort from the submitter
to adapt it to the rules of Boost, and as a result of the peer review. I
can offer to help with this work, but I can't volunteer to more than a
few hours of coding work.


Asger Alstrup Nielsen