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small patch to xtl-1.3.pl.11

Attached is a small patch to xtl-1.3.pl.11.

Essentially the only thing changed is TOPDIR in the Makefiles of the example
codes. It was unneccessarily complex and moreover wouldn't work from the master
makefiles (ie, examples/Makefile or examples/bench/Makefile).

I have been using this version of xtl with LyX. Everything appears fine when
using the standard mem_buffer. Using auto_mem_buffer, however, throws an
exception on my machine. I will attempt to track this down and will then submit
a further patch. Hold off from a proper release till then!

One further point. I've put a comment in xdr.h about casting long to longlong.
I really think that you should do this (its still stored in 32 byte blocks,
just two of them!).

Best wishes,