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Re: Unaligned access errors running LyX with XTL

Angus> I have come up against some unaligned access errors
Angus> when running a development version of LyX. 

Josť> If you are using raw_format such errors should be expected,
Josť> as no alignment is done. (raw_format is pretty much a
Josť> debugging feature and probably should be removed...)

Josť> If you're using XDR or GIOP, it is definitly a XTL bug
Josť> and thus I'd appreciate a small test case that makes it happen.

Many thanks, Josť. We do indeed use raw_format at the

Interestingly, I cannot compile xtl using the other formats
on a DEC running Digital Unix (admittedly an old version)
because the header files endian.h and byteswap.h do not
exist. No such problems under LinuxAlpha of course.

Will keep you posted.