Compliance with 2-stage lookup for templates. Now compiles with g++ 3.2.2 and g++ 3.4.2 on Linux, g++ 3.3.3 on Cygwin, and MSVC7.1 on Windows. Fixed small bug in GIOP. Two new developers added to project:


Small bug fixes: endianness of 64 bit integers in XDR (Mike Caruso); desire vs require in XDR (E. Greiffiths); documentation (Jeremy Siek).


Lots of portability changes (alpha, mips, win, apple) (Angus Leeming, Asger Nielsen, Grigory Entin, jop)
General cleanup (mostly by Angus Leeming).
Automatic memory management buffer (Allan Rae).
C++ iostreams buffers (Lutz Latta).
Template array indexes (jop).


XTL is now being used in a LyX development branch! See LDN for details.
This release includes some more portability fixes (mostly due to Asger Alstrup Nielsen) and initial auto-configuration for less than optimal (i.e. brain damaged) compilers.


Portability fixes and general cleanup of XDR and GIOP format drivers.
Now includes generalized object i/o as part of the library (it used to be an example).
Documentation update.


Initial public version.