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Re: XTL on Solaris

On Wednesday 04 July 2001 19:20, you wrote:
> Has anyone else tried building/using XTL on Solaris?  What successes
> have you had with it?

I don't know if anybody has compiled and used it on Solaris. 
It has been used successfully in other big endian architectures.

> In the tests/ subdirectory, giop, oraw, and raw all die on SIGBUS.  The
> xdr tests work, though.  Any ideas why?  Core and the 'raw' binary are
> attached.

Raw will work only in architectures which can do unaligned memory
accesses (e.g. x86) and will dump core or execute very slowly
elsewhere. But GIOP shouldn't so it is probably a bug. Can you
send me the stack trace for this?

Jose Orlando Pereira
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