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When you all thought it would never happen... here is 
release 1.4! :-)

Changes since the long lived 1.3pl11 was born are:
 - portability fixes for Apple (Grigory Entin)
 - C++ iostreams buffers (Lutz Latta)
 - template array indexes (me)

Some pending patches are not yet included, namely:
 - a better workaround for the COMPOSITE_BUG in VC6,
   which I cannot test myself;
 - improvements to autoio and graphio which I'll have
   think about a bit longer.

If anything is broken please complain. BTW, if you're
using RedHat 7.0, upgrading to gcc-2.96-69 is required
to compile XTL with optimization turned on.

Jose Orlando Pereira
* mailto:jop@di.uminho.pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop *