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Re: Licensing issues

On Wednesday 22 November 2000 15:57, you wrote:
> >>
> >> - the impossibility of separate linking voids the
> >> relinking clause and everytinhg is ok;
> >
> > If it is technical infeasible to distribute a library as a dynamic
> > library, then issues of dynamic linking simply don't come up.  I believe
> > everything is ok.
> So it's clear now XTL can't be used in closed-source projects. It's up to
> developers to make the license choice but.. I'm not so experienced in the
> subject but it would be great if somebody can discover a weaker alternative
> to LGPL - that suites needs of open-source developers but allows
> closed-source use.

As I understand it, it is the other way around: There is *no*
problem whatsoever in using XTL in closed source projects as
the relinking clause is not applicable.


Jose Orlando Pereira
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