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Angus Leeming wrote:
> Hmmm. long is an intrinsic data type. I think you should keep it.
> I also think that you should EXTEND XTL to support wchar_t and long double.
> They're both part of the standard too.

Yes. Silly idea. :-)

> If you're going to throw out anything then the first to go should be long long
> which currently causes the DEC cxx compiler to spit out loads of warnings:
> cxx: Warning: ../../include/xtl/vobjio.h, line 164: the type "long long" is 
> nonstandard

See config.h. You can configure it to be whatever 64 bit type you like.

> Stick to the standard! I'll just have to go back and play with xdr.h. My
> version aligned everything on 64 bit boundaries. Tell me what to do here; I'm
> not clear about your meaning "we should stick to 32 bits and discard higher 
> bits".

Yes, I've noticed. I'm also not very fond of the member variables
idata, fdata,... Are you sure they're required?

Jose Orlando Pereira
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