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Re: Porting xtl to DEC Alpha

Angus Leeming wrote:
> Having fought off an attack of flu, I have now tweaked the xtl headers so that I
> can now run compile (with gcc-2.95.2) and run the "xdr" program in the
> examples/tests directory.

Great! This puts us closer to a really portable release.
> 1. The code fragment below (output_simple()) suggests that "bool" is cast
> to an "int" for storage in the xtl character string. Am I right?

> 2. What does the !! in input_simple() mean? I can find no reference to it in my
> books. Is it not a double-negative?

Yes, it is a double negative, used as a (somewhat obfuscated) cast from
int to bool. :-)

Jose Orlando Pereira
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