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Re: [Fwd: compiling xtl?]

Asger Alstrup Nielsen wrote:
> One of the developers of LyX tried to use the LyX development branch
> which includes XTL. However, he failed with his egcs-1.1.2 compiler.
> Attached, you'll find his problem report. You are welcome to correspond
> directly with Angus in order to debug this problem.
> Egcs 1.1.2 is so common a compiler that if we can not get XTL to work
> with this compiler, I think we will have to drop XTL in LyX. However,
> I'm sure that we can find a solution. Hey, even the brain-dead Visual
> C++ compiler is close to working out of the box.

Egcs had some trouble with error reporting and such errors usually
pop up not because something dreadful happened but just because some
undefined type is found within a complex template expression.

From the report, it seems that object() is being used. Please check
that all types are defined, that they are derived classes of the
first argument and that composite() is declared and public in all of
them. As macros are involved. looking at the output of g++ -E might
also help.

If the problem persists, please contact me again including the
lines causing the problem.

Jose Orlando Pereira
* mailto:jop@di.uminho.pt * http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/~jop *